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The Mission

Polycarbin is a resource management platform that is transforming the single-use scientific supply chain of today into the sustainable, circular economy of tomorrow.

Polycarbin is on a mission to bring the first circular economy to the life sciences by turning the scientific plastic waste of today into the laboratory products of tomorrow. In order to do so, we must move beyond mere incremental improvements and fundamentally rethink the after-use systems that guide disposal and re-use. 


In practice, this looks nothing like the current take-make-waste model where laboratory plastics are destined for incineration or burial after a single use. The plastics economy of the future — one that we are championing every day — is structured such that plastic never becomes waste in the traditional sense. Instead, it is rescued, repurposed and reintroduced to the system in a meaningful way, thereby closing the loop.


This is what we plan to do, and more.


Polycarbin is leading the way in creating an effective post-consumer plastics economy and the infrastructure required to support it. With on-site sortation made simple with our intuitive diversion bins, coupled with the visibility offered by our proprietary waste analytics platform, Polycarbin offers what others cannot: an environmentally responsible and cost-saving medical waste management solution.


Meet your new lab partner, Polycarbin. 

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of scientists surveyed indicated a willingness to recycle their hazardous plastic waste

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