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Polycarbin’s mission is to innovate alongside scientists and clinicians. Our services create a path for more sustainable innovation.

Using our waste diversion system and proprietary waste analytics platform, we help the health sciences community protect the environment and their financial bottom line.



In 2019, Polycarbin set out on a mission to create the first circular economy in the health sciences. 

As a company founded by three lab rats, our goal is to make the research ecosystem more sustainable so scientists can focus on discovering the next generation of therapeutics.

Polycarbin is...

  1. Reducing  the cost of biomedical waste management

  2. Reducing landfill-bound laboratory waste by >50%

  3. Reducing the carbon footprint of partnering institutions



The current biomedical waste disposal system is inconsistent with the mission of both research and medicine — to improve the health of the planet.

Using our waste diversion system, Polycarbin is reducing landfill-bound waste, petrochemical consumption, and carbon emissions. 

With our waste analytics platform, Polycarbin is empowering customers with the ability to track every pound of BMW leaving their institution and helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

Sustainable Earth


Polycarbin is a growing company. All employees were brought on because of their passion and track-record for giving back to their communities. We are excited to share the ways in which Polycarbin is giving back to your community here.



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