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Westfall Technik, Polycarbin collaborate to offer circular materials to biomedical industry

The collaboration between both firms will help revolutionize the biomedical plastic life cycle and establish the first circular economy in the health sciences.

Plastics manufacturing solutions provider Westfall Technik has collaborated with software-enabled biomedical plastic recycling company Polycarbin to provide advanced circular materials to the biomedical industry.

The partnership is believed to revolutionize the biomedical plastic life cycle, as well as establish the first circular economy in the health sciences.

[This will] allow Westfall Technik to offer laboratory products with recycled plastic

Via the joint venture (JV) with Polycarbin, Westfall Technik has the flexibility to provide customers with laboratory products with circular economy (recycled) plastic with uniform quality across its NxtBio line of life science and biomedical supplies and products designed for brand owners

The JV enables Polycarbin to help scientists and clinicians to recycle their plastic waste, as well as provide customers with high-resolution waste analytics software and personalized carbon-emission offset data.

Westfall-Technik sustainability vice president Allison Lin said: “Our goal is to set ourselves apart in the Sustainability arena by leveraging our integrated technology solution to deliver products with high levels of recycled content and drive the circular economy.”

“We have achieved up to 100% recycled content inclusion levels for our customers in the Consumer Products Goods and Food & Beverage areas, and with this partnership will be the first company to introduce recycled content in the life science and biomedical space.”

Polycarbin’s services help to offer cost-effective and environmentally responsible waste management solutions to research labs, biopharma, and clinical labs while closing the loop on the biomedical plastic life cycle

With the support of a system that leverages low-cost front-end segregation and waste analytics platform, Polycarbin is focusing on capturing and repurposing significant scientific plastics.

Polycarbin co-CEO James O’Brien said: “We are incredibly proud to be partnering with an industry leader like Westfall Technik that has a track record of championing circular economy innovations. Utilizing our waste diversion platform, Polycarbin is helping our clients across biopharma, healthcare, and research to reduce the carbon footprint of innovation.”

In April, Westfall Technik signed an agreement to promote Bockatech’s EcoCore foaming technology.

Westfall Technik offers advanced plastics manufacturing solutions to the medical, consumer packaging, and consumer goods industries.

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