Science Made Sustainable

Circular solutions designed to transform the scientific waste of today into laboratory products of tomorrow


Engineering waste out of the scientific supply chain, from point of production to point of disposal 

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More than 12 billion lbs. of scientific plastic waste is generated each year.

Polycarbin’s end-to-end resource management platform delivers clear-cut opportunities for value creation by transforming the plastic waste of today into the laboratory products of tomorrow.



A circular solution for your scientific plastics

Polycarbin works with your laboratory to deliver intelligent, waste-to-value solutions to meet your climate goals at no additional cost.

Sorting Made Simple

Made for scientists, by scientists

With the Carbin, scientists are able to sort rigid plastics into a clear stream and non-clear stream. Polycarbin is providing scientists with the first, comprehensive solution for recycling laboratory plastic waste. 

  • Ergonomic design

  • Replaces half of your waste bins

  • Uses intuitive visual cues to direct proper disposal


Manage your waste and measure your impact

Personalized data at the ready

The Polycarbin mobile app provides scientists with high-resolution waste production data. Using a cryptographically secure database, Polycarbin is bringing transparency to the life science supply chain while quantifying your carbon footprint reduction.

  • Scan your Carbin + request pick up

  • Better manage your material streams

  • Track + measure your carbon footprint reduction


Streamlined Purchasing

A better way to buy

See the results of your recycling efforts firsthand. Polycarbin lab products are the first line of scientific plasticware made with circular economy resin and are accessible on the Polycarbin rE-Marketplace.

  • Simplified ordering

  • Collaborative inventory management

  • Sustainable purchasing 


 Ready to reduce the carbon footprint of innovation?